Friday, December 3, 2010

Show Low, AZ

Show Low, Arizona

Flown:  March 23-30, 2002
Aircraft:  Cessna 182 - N92844
Approximate round trip mileage: 920nm
Approximate flying time:  9:00

This was a trip to drop off Brigette and the kids at Brig's moms house.  I actually flew two roundtrips, but the "Flight Crew" was only in on a total of one roundtrip.  The trip to Show Low included a stop in Farmington, NM.  I helped repair my landing reputation with a decent one there.  Although Anthony got airsick in the last few minutes before our landing there.

After refueling and refilling our oxygen tank, we left for Show Low. It was fairly warm and slow going until Window Rock but not too bad after that.

After dropping them off I did a nonstop back home.  A week later I flew back to get them. Since I had just done two non-stops from Longmont to Show Low, I talked them into trying it to get home quicker.  That worked out pretty good and we made good time via La Veta Pass and up I-25 towards home.