Friday, December 3, 2010

Montana & North Dakota

Montana & North Dakota

Flown:  August 21, 2003
Aircraft:  Cessna 182 - N92844
Approximate round trip mileage: 915nm
Approximate flying time:  8:00

We hadn't flown together as a family in over a year.  During that time though I had made a few long trips and chalking up new states.  I flew to Santa Ana, CA and Dalhart, TX with Joe Berry.  I also had to make an unexpected trip out to Las Vegas, NV to catch a plane to Hawaii to help my parents with a surgery my Dad needed.

This trip was to add Montana and North Dakota to the list of states we'd been to.  Our first stop was in Glendive, MT.  The staff at the airport were friendly and offered us food and drinks.  We fueled up and then headed for Dickenson, ND.  While there we got a courtesy car, a minivan actually, and drove into town.  There we saw a dinosaur museum and drove down the "Enchanted Highway", which is a road with these large sculptures made from scrap metal.

After that we headed back to the airport, fueled up and flew home.  On the way we flew by Ellsworth Air Force Base and had a fly by of a B1 Bomber.  We also flew by Mt. Rushmore

Glendive, Montana
On approach to Dickenson, North Dakota
Along the Enchanted Highway, North Dakota
Sunset over Wyoming