Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big East Trip

May 29,2004 - June 14, 2004
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 Well, this was the big one.  The trip of a lifetime, some called it.  I call it a lot of flying, and a lot of landings, a lot of sight seeing, and overall, a lot of fun.  In my quest to land at all 50 states, this added 28 to the list, for a total of 46.  We landed in Oklahoma, which we'd already done, and obviously Colorado.  We also had to land in Kentucky twice because of a power outage at one of the airports.  Weather was a constant concern, although except for the last couple hours of the trip, the ride was fairly smooth.  Of the 31 planned airports, 4 had to be changed due to weather, and 1 had to be added due to the power problem above.

Surprisingly, on our last landing in Longmont the kids were asking when/where the next trip was going to be to!

Trip stats:  Estimated Total Mileage=4,819 Nautical Miles (@5,541 Statute Miles), Estimated Flight Time=44:36, Estimated Fuel= 573 Gallons.  Estimated Fuel costs=$1,778.  Avg Fuel Price: $3.01/gallon.  Landings to a full stop=18, Touch & go's=14.  Uncontrolled airports=19, Controlled airports=13.  States landed in=31.  Longest flight day=8:42 (Day 5).  Shortest flight day=4:06 (Day 4) 

Route of flight with airport/waypoint ID's

DAY 1     DAY 2     DAY 3     DAY4     DAY5     DAY 6     DAY 7